Nature Bingo is a fantastic way to get reluctant small legs walking. You can make your own version and tailor it to your child’s age and interests.  Include some things that are easy to find and some that are harder.

A three year old will find 4 or 5 items are enough on a list, which may include general items like ‘a blue flower’, ‘a flying bird’ etc. But older children may have more specific items such as ‘wild garlic’, or ‘a gorse bush (depending on their knowledge).
It is a fantastic way to develop awareness and knowledge of the nature that is around us every day.

Here are some suggestions of what could be included on a Nature Bingo sheet:

  1. Fallen Tree
  2. Bridge
  3. Yellow/Blue/White etc Flower
  4. Ivy
  5. Bird on the floor/in a bush/flying
  6. Mini beast
  7. Stream
  8. Cobweb
  9. Rotting leaves
And for an older child, depending on location and time of year:

  1. Wild garlic
  2. Pink flowers
  3. Spider
  4. Robin/sparrow/crow/ blackbird etc
  5. Oak Tree, Beech, Holly bush, sycamore etc
  6. Sycamore keys, acorns, catkins
  7. Squirrel
  8. New buds
  9. Thick oozy mud

The list is pretty much endless but hopefully it may give you some ideas. The oportunities provided by Nature Bingo for close examination of what is in the woods, by the lake, under stones, in the river are invaluable. Plus of course being a great tool for getting the children out on a walk.