A bike ride in Cornwall is a hugely enjoyable way to spend the day – or an afternoon. Take a bike ride through the countryside to discover a completely different side of Cornwall.

We’re surrounded by some of the county’s lushest countryside here at Pentewan and we love to get out on our bikes. The beach at Pentewan Sands is only a 5 minute walk away – and the cycle path that connects St Austell to the beach is level so that even the smallest legs can handle it.

Our corner of Cornwall has a rich history. It dates back to the early nineteenth century when China clay was found to be a good match for kaolin. The European porcelain industry used kaolin as a base material. And by the mid nineteenth century, St Austell was mining 65,000 tonnes every year.

China clay production produced the dramatic sharp peaks that pepper the landscape between St Blazey, St Austell and the Eden Project. But as production improved, more china clay had to be moved. The roads connecting the harbour at Pentewan with the china clay pits were too narrow for wagons. So, a horse-drawn tramway opened in 1829. This tramway has been restored to be the popular cycle trail that it is today.

Bike ride along the Pentewan Trail

A bike ride along the Pentewan Trail won’t take long, but you could extend your trip and pick up another trail to Wheal Martyn and onward again to the Eden Project. There is a great website here that lists all the local trails. Discover where you can pick them up, where the road / pavement points are and how long the ride is. Cornwall’s Clay Trails are a network of walking, cycling and horse-riding trails through mid-Cornwall an area of great contrast and beauty, so this is a great place to start if you’re looking for some inspiration.
The Pentewan Valley bike hire centre  is open throughout the season. So, you can travel light, leave your own kit at home and hire when you get here.
Still not sure you want to explore? Talk to us… if this little read doesn’t convince you!