Camping in the great outdoors is one of the best ways to beat stress. In fact, there are 5 great reasons that we like to go camping every year. Read on for the River Valley Guide to enjoying the great outdoors for your holiday!

  1. The kit is fantastic
    Camping has come a long way from the days of orange ridge tents and single flame gas burners! Tents are lighter and easier to pack, groundsheets keep out the creepy crawlies and an entire range of kitchenware can be packed into the boot for your holiday.
  2. Camping makes you happy
    Research by the Camping and Caravanning Club found that 93% of campers say camping can make you happier. Do we need a better reason to get pitching?
  3. Family memories
    The same research also showed that eight out of 10 campers felt that camping brought you closer together as a family. About 80% of children whose families go camping regularly felt their parents were less stressed when they took camping holidays. The same children also thought their parents raised their voices less – and hugged more!
  4. A space to learn
    Camping is a chance for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors – and even if all your children are involved with at the beginning of your camping adventure is holding a tent peg they are still watching and learning. Some research has shown that camping can have a positive effect on children’s behaviour. We’re no scientists – but we certainly can vouch for the fact that a day in the fresh air means fewer winding-down bedtime conflicts!
  5. Improving communication

    Even though camping and caravanning today is a much more comfortable experience thanks to modern equipment and top-notch facilities at well maintained sites, the very fact that we’ve taken ourselves out of our normal environment and into a different one, surrounded by nature, means we act, think and even communicate differently with each other.

So, did you like our round-up of our five reasons to go camping? If you can think of reason 6 or 7 – let us know. We’d love to hear why you like to stay with us for your holidays.